Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Visio 2010 working on CrossOver 11

Great news for sysadmins and network administrators - the one tool I occasionally need to boot into Windows for - Visio - works on Wine/CrossOver. I previously had Visio 2007 working in my CrossOver setup but today I successfully installed and ran Visio Premium 2010 under CrossOver 11.

Brief installation instructions:
  1. Select an Outlook 2010 Installer.
  2. Install Visio as if you were installing Outlook 2010.
  3. When the installer errors about not being able to find Outlook 2010 in the bottle, click skip step to finish the installation.
I'll post seperate instructions on getting CrossOver 11 running on CentOS 64-bit in a later post...


To get Visio 2011 Standard working, follow these instructions but also install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable from the Runtime Support Components into the bottle.

To get the PDF export functionality working you will need to install the Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS Add-In from the Community Supported Applications.

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Northon said...

Tanks Man, you save my life!!!

Work in Linux Mint 12!!